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What Exactly Is Cancer?

The big C.  No word inspires as much terror as cancer.

And yet, we all know someone who either had it, or is currently undergoing treatment for it.

The good news is that improved technology and greater awareness means that cancer detection […]

How Does Prostate Cancer Start

Like women, men are also subject to hormone specific diseases.

As men age, they may suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia which is where the prostate enlarges.

This is generally thought to be the result of decreasing androgens (male sex hormones such as […]

How To Improve Your Immune System

We all know that we have an immune system.

That’s the system of our bodies responsible for fighting off invaders (pathogens) such as virus, bacteria and fungi.

It’s also responsible for enabling a quick healing response.  Everything from a paper cut to […]

What Is Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) was once upon a time thought to be the result of high cholesterol.

To some extent that is true as fatty acid deposits clog arteries and veins in the heart leading to heart disease.

CVD is a major cause […]

Two Types Of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes.

Type 1 is an autoimmune condition whereby the pancreas is attacked by the immune system.

As a result,  insulin is not produced and so must be supplemented by way of injections.

Type 1, is also called Juvenile […]